Bandon A.C is the largest athletic club in Munster and operates purely for the benefit of its members and the athletic community.
All money raised by the club is used to provide facilities and equipment for its members.
If you would like to show your support for Bandon A.C. and place an advertisement on this web site, we would be delighted to talk to you about that opportunity.
The cost of an advertisement will be dependent on a number of factors, so its impossible to give a cost for the placement of an advert without more info. The cost will be primarily determined by the duration you wish the ad to be displayed, the purpose of the advert and any previous commercial dealings you have with the club.
For short term adverts for charity fundraisers there will typically be no charge or a small nominal charge.
We reserve the right to refuse to place any adverts which we believe are not consistent with the ethos of the club.

If you wish to get more info on this or to start discussions about the possible placement of an advert please send an mail to web site administrator