On occasion, due to inclement weather the club may deem it necessary to cancel training.

Any decision to do so is done with the health and safety in mind of all club members; Athletes, coaches, assistant coaches and other volunteers attending in club capacity.

The club commits to making such a decision in a timely manner, however every opportunity will be given to provide a level of training expected by a club of our stature.


The club endeavours to notify attendees, their parents or guardians by 17:30 on a training day or earlier if necessary via WhatsApp text from the club phone.

Decisions will be made in accordance with Met Eireann forecasts, where weather warnings are in place in the locality of training e.g. Cork.

We have outlined below the following escalating protocols:

Yellow: Training to go ahead as normal however those travelling would use local knowledge regarding their own safety getting to and from training.

Orange: Training to go ahead with the following provisons:

  • No text has been issued cancelling the session.
  • Those attending are training towards upcoming competitions.
  • Those attending training do so at their own risk

Red: No Training.

It is important to remember that attendance is optional for every athlete. The final decision to attend lies with the athlete or their parents/guardians.

Where training goes ahead, the club may determine that in the interest of health and safety:

  • While in the Grammar School, only one pitch may be required depending on numbers in attendance.
  • The number of coaches in attendance will reflect the number of athletes
  • Coaches will be given the opportunity to join in with another group or return home as they see fit.

All athletes & coaches are encouraged to dree appropriately for the weather.

The club retains the right to update these protocols as it sees fit and will provide these updates in accordance with the clubs constitution.

Cancellation of training will be further expanded past weather in case of the following such scenario’s:

  • National Holidays
  • Death of Club Member
  • Hosting of an alternative club event
  • Unavailability of facilities.