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Bandon A.C. is affiliated to Athletics Ireland, members compete at all levels in Track&Field, Cross Country and road. Click here for Child Safeguarding Statement
Training: Mon and Wed night. 7pm-9pm. No training on Bank Holidays. There is a charge of €2 per night for training. You need to be a fully paid up member to attend training. C.I.T Track is also used for training.
Membership Update: Any new members (excluding Fit4Life) wishing to join please fill in this online form.
Fit4Life:Please contact the FIT4LIFE Club Mobile Phone at 087-4340860

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Bandon AC Exciting News!

Bandon AC’s Phil Healy summed it up well recently after her fantastic 4th place in the 400m final at the European Indoor Championships,

“Explore so many events, because you never know which is the best for you. Don’t be afraid, and the main thing is have fun. If you know you’ve done your best then you can be delighted with your performance. It is not all about winning and it needs to move away from that mentality and thinking. If you give it your all, and walk off the track happy, then you’re winning for you. If you think you can do better then the next day is another opportunity to try that. I didn’t make finals or win anything until I was 17/18. You’re never too old. Just enjoy it, make new friends and most of all have fun. ”

Bandon Athletic club and the coaches have always had the long term development of the athlete as the primary driving force and it is with that same commitment we are about to embark on a new journey.

Bandon Athletic Club are extremely excited and proud to announce that it has recently concluded the purchase of an 8acre site just outside Bandon. Full planning permission has been granted for the development of a 400m all-weather track, field event area’s and an indoor training facility.

This is a huge step forward for the club and massive vote of confidence by the club in the talent within Bandon and the wider West Cork athletics community.

The site which is located at Clancoolbeg will see work commence shortly with the expectations that the all-weather track will be installed in 2022. The timeline for the development of the indoor training area will be determined by various fund-raising activities the club will be undertaking as well as grant allocations received. The indoor area, as well as having space for sprints and long distance will also include jumps and throws areas.

This development unlike majority of other all-weather tracks in this country will be owned and controlled by the club. Bandon AC for the last numbers of years has been one of the largest Juvenile clubs affiliated to Athletics Ireland, but due to lack of access to our own facilities it has not always been able to accept members and we frequently have a waiting list. Once this development is complete, the club’s expectations would be that it can eradicate waiting lists. Currently athletes frequently travel to Cork or further afield to avail of tartan track facilities, providing better facilities close at hand, will enable athletes to focus on training and recovery and not on travelling time. Our club also caters for recreational sport, which is called Fit4Youth. This aspect of the club is vital to ensuring athletes have opportunities to partake in athletics in a friendly social environment and progress at their own pace while getting all the health benefits from athletics.

Bandon AC which already has great working relationships with local schools and organisations such as Bandon Special Olympics and West Cork Athletics is looking forward to working even more closely with these schools, groups once the development is ready. This is a development which will greatly enhance the wider community and the athletics scene in West Cork.

It has been a long road to get to where the club is now, with a lot of time and commitment from a large number of club members, but some people do deserve special mention. One of the founding members Mr Billy Good has played a large part in obtaining this site and the associated planning permissions. A dedicated Track Development sub-committee put in a huge amount of work in rececnt years trying to find a suitable site and get the planning permission, current members of the sub-committee include Michael Weldon, Paul Kingston, Michael McKeon, David Gibson and Una Hutchinson. Landowner Liam Crowley who has been very helpful to the club throughout the long planning process. As a tribute to all past members, the club decided to make this announcement on St Patrick’s Day, as the club was known as St Patrick’s AC for the first two years after its formation in 1964.

The club will shortly be announcing some exciting fundraising activities to enable this development be completed as soon as possible, we will be hoping that the community of Bandon and the wider athletics community will respond in a positive manner.

This is truly an exciting time for the athletics fraternity in Bandon and West Cork.

Artistist impression of what the new Bandon AC facility will look like when completed – Drawing by Sadbh NiFhlaitheartaigh

A note from the Club Covid Compliance Officer. Date: 23rd October 2020

A note from the Club Covid Compliance Officer. Date:  23rd October 2020

Bandon Athletic Club will continue its training programme for all school going children 18yrs and younger.  It will operate within the current Level 5 restrictions period, in conjunction with the Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19.

Training sessions will continue as normal set out below

Juvenile Athletes

  1. All school going children and their coaches will attend training within and outside the 5km zone
  2. All Coaches and Coach assistants have been issued with a travel pass by the Club Covid Compliance Officer, to be used for training only. These permits are for our own training grounds and CIT.
  3. All training is conducted within Pods of fifteen, which also includes the coach / Coach Assistants
  4. Our usual Covid 19 precautions apply to all athletes must bring hand sanitiser, there can be no physical contact, social distancing must be observed, correct respiratory etiquette, as per the signed declaration.
  5. Our Coach Assistants play a huge part as a Covid supervisor.
  6. As normal, all athletes are dropped no earlier than five minutes before training commences, and arrival for pick up five minutes prior to the end of training.

Senior Athletes:

  1. No senior training sessions are permitted by Bandon Athletic Club, during level 5 restrictions
  2. Individual training only permitted only within the 5km.
  3. Elite / Carded athletes are permitted to train in groups of pods of fifteen, within or outside the 5km. A letter of proof is required from the federation.
  4. For all Fit4life walkers and runners training is suspended for the duration of the current level 5 restrictions


  1. In these difficult and challenging times we ask all invested interests (Athletes, Coaches, Coach Assistants, Parents) to help us keep our club safe at all times
  2. We encourage off site individual training outside training times, only if it can be conducted within the 5km zone. Always adhere to the health guidelines, which are available on
  3. We wish everyone a very safe period while training and living in all other aspects in life.



National Seniors Day 1

A great 1st day for Bandon AC members at the National Seniors.

Early into action was Nicola Tuthil in the womens hammer and she lead the competition from the 1st round and finished winning with an impressive throw of over 60m. Just the 6th Irish female to break the 60m mark and an incredible achievement at just 16 years of age.

Shane Howard defended his Long Jump title with a best of 7.44m, Diarmuid O’Connor placed 6th place with a jump of 6.73m. Also competing but out of luck today were Tristian and Dylan Chambers.

Summer Camp

The club will once again be holding its annual summer camp this year.

Venue will be the Town Park.

Dates: 20/21/22 July

Times: 10am – 2pm

Form: SummerCamp_Application_2020

Payment can also be made online, please contact the club phone for more details.

We will be following the latest Covid guidelines during the camp.

** Please note, everyone attending camp needs to complete this  questionaire and return it  Health Questionaire for summer camp

Club Update

After the initial steps back to training last week which went well the club covid officer is monitoring all changes to rules and guidelines and as soon as its possible and safe to do so, the club will be expanding its training. Until then, please bear with us and keep safe and well.

Transition to return to training

The club’s Covid-19 Safety Officer has been putting in trojan work to help get the club opened for training again.

The club is currently planning on returning to training on a limited basis on Monday 15th June.

As per AAI guidelines, this will only be for athletes who have had their 13th birthday.

We are also constrainted by the number of athletes each coach can safely manage and the number of people who can safely be present at training sessions, so initially unfortunately we may not be able to accomdate everyone who wishes to return to training, but the club will try its best to do this.

Club will be communicating more information about training via the club phone over the next day or so

Please bear with us, this is uncharted territory for us and for everyone and we are determined to do this safely for everyone’s sake.