County T&F Survival Guide!

Survival Tips for Parents/Guardians & Athletes, especially those new to T&F

As we are entering the next stage of the Track & Field season, we thought you might like some some tips and advice to help you enjoy the next few weeks, whilst your child is competing, having fun & being challenged!

It is very important for your child to know what events they are entered in. There is an updated version of Bandon AC’s entry to County Championships and the timetable for the 2 days on
Please download & highlight your child’s/children’s events and whilst the competition may not run on time at least you will be able to keep your children informed. The coaches are very good, but there are a lot of children & they may also be helping out at the various events!

Track & Field Competitions can be long drawn out affairs, as there will be heats, semi finals & then finals. Be prepared, bring a rug/folding chair picnic, suncream, umbrella & book/newspaper.
Sometimes the stand in C.I.T. can be very noisy & cold, but warmer spots can be found by the boundary fence.
In times past before the stand, clubs set up various camps on the grass (small tents, blankets & shared picnics) and it was far more sociable and the noise was not a problem. It also meant the children could rest more between competitions.

Track events will always have priority over Field events, so if your child is at Long Jump, High Jump, Shot, Discus, Javelin, Hammer, Triple Jump or Discus and the hear a track(running) event called, they should inform the official, who will allow them to compete in their race & return to finish Field event asap after.

Club singlets must be worn & sometimes athletes will be asked to tuck them into shorts.

Please remember that that most of the officials are parents, just like yourself who volunteer their time in order that the events run as smoothly as possible. If you have an issue or query about any decision, please come to a club official to report. Please Do not shout or reprimand the official at that event.
Officials are generally fair, but if for any reason you do not agree with their decision, there is a process whereby you can appeal, but it must be made in an appropriate manner. It is in the best interest of the sport if young athletes see issues resolved in a fair and reasonable manner.

All efforts must be encouraged, if a child knocks every hurdle, the bar at high jump, breaks at the start, they have tried their best and all efforts must be applauded. The athletic community are known for cheering on everyone from first to last, regardless of what club they represent.

The child standing beside your child, is the child they will be competing with hopefully till they U19 and well into their adult life. Please encourage your child to be pleasant and make friends, a competitive spirit is encouraged, but good manners must be observed at all times, whilst waiting for competition to start, in queue during competition and afterwards.
We encourage children to concentrate on their Personal Best (PB) for every event they do, to record it & try to beat that every time they compete.
Encourage the children to enjoy victory but remember to be gracious in defeat.

Please do not walk across the track when a field event is called while there are running events passing. An athlete doing an 80m sprint could be seriously injured if they have to avoid people on track.

We also ask that you all act as PRO for Bandon Athletic Club, we do not always have a representative at every event, so please email a brief description of the event and how your child competed to our PRO

Please do not allow children to sit on railings, or run up & down steps outside the stand they will be asked to get down. Parents will not be allowed infield under any circumstances. The yellow hoodies/singlets are great to keep track of our athletes, but they also highlight them if they doing what kids do best.
Enjoy the day spent with your child, the memories will be with them for a long time – The medals forgotten!!!