As we reach into the future yet never forget the past…..

For nearly a decade Bandon Athletic Club have been on the search for a field to help us build our dream, a home to call our own.
The long search for our field of dreams is over we are on the home stretch with the finishing tape in sight. We will soon be entering a new phase in the history of Bandon Ac as we seek to develop top class facilities over the coming years.
It has been a long road to get to where the club is now, with a lot of time and commitment from a large number of club members, but some people do deserve special mention.
One of the founding members Mr Billy Good has played a large part in obtaining this site and the associated planning permissions along with a very dedicated Track Development sub-committee who put in a huge amount of work. Thanks to their dedication we are now ready to start this development!

We need your support now more ever!