A note from the Club Covid Compliance Officer. Date: 23rd October 2020

A note from the Club Covid Compliance Officer. Date:  23rd October 2020

Bandon Athletic Club will continue its training programme for all school going children 18yrs and younger.  It will operate within the current Level 5 restrictions period, in conjunction with the Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19.

Training sessions will continue as normal set out below

Juvenile Athletes

  1. All school going children and their coaches will attend training within and outside the 5km zone
  2. All Coaches and Coach assistants have been issued with a travel pass by the Club Covid Compliance Officer, to be used for training only. These permits are for our own training grounds and CIT.
  3. All training is conducted within Pods of fifteen, which also includes the coach / Coach Assistants
  4. Our usual Covid 19 precautions apply to all athletes must bring hand sanitiser, there can be no physical contact, social distancing must be observed, correct respiratory etiquette, as per the signed declaration.
  5. Our Coach Assistants play a huge part as a Covid supervisor.
  6. As normal, all athletes are dropped no earlier than five minutes before training commences, and arrival for pick up five minutes prior to the end of training.

Senior Athletes:

  1. No senior training sessions are permitted by Bandon Athletic Club, during level 5 restrictions
  2. Individual training only permitted only within the 5km.
  3. Elite / Carded athletes are permitted to train in groups of pods of fifteen, within or outside the 5km. A letter of proof is required from the federation.
  4. For all Fit4life walkers and runners training is suspended for the duration of the current level 5 restrictions


  1. In these difficult and challenging times we ask all invested interests (Athletes, Coaches, Coach Assistants, Parents) to help us keep our club safe at all times
  2. We encourage off site individual training outside training times, only if it can be conducted within the 5km zone. Always adhere to the health guidelines, which are available on gov.ie
  3. We wish everyone a very safe period while training and living in all other aspects in life.